Corn Nuts Original 7oz

$4.99 AUD

Corn Nuts Original Crunchy Corn Kernels deliver that delicious flavor you love along with the irresistible crunch you can't get enough of. Keep a bag of roasted Corn Nuts by your side to curb those snack cravings when hanging out and playing games, or share a bowl with family and friends on movie night. An ideal party snack, these Corn Nuts pair perfectly with soft drinks or beer, and they're sprinkled with salt to enhance the flavor. Each serving of these corn kernels is perfect for those keeping Kosher. Individual snack size packaging offers convenience so you can enjoy to go Corn Nuts whenever the time is right.

  • Corn Nuts Original Crunchy Corn Kernels are bold and full of zesty flavor
  • Snack size packaging offers on-the-go convenience
  • Pair with roasted peanuts for a savory, salty combination
  • Corn kernels are roasted to perfection
  • Great for those keeping Kosher


Ingredients: Ingredients: Corn, Corn Oil, Salt.