Coney Island Classics Caramel Corn 12oz

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To us, the true magic of Brooklyn is Coney Island, land of thrilling rides and delicious snacking. Our Kettle Corn is made the traditional old-fashioned Boardwalk way, by hand, in small copper kettles, so the seasoning is perfect. We've added a few modern twists... We only use NON-GMO CORN. (Who thought messing with corn genetics was a good idea?) 

It's 100% NATURAL. (We don't think mankind has improved on what nature produces.) Our Kettle Corn is gourmet crafted by chefs, not machines, in small batches. The great flavor comes from HIMALAYAN PINK SALT. (The purest salt on earth with dozens of minerals and other good stuff for your body.) 

Ingredients: Corn syrup, popcorn, brown sugar, sugar, butter, himalayan pink salt, natural & artificial flavor, baking soda