Candy House Fire Candy Buttons 0.05oz

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$2.99 AUD

Experience an explosive burst of flavor with Fire Candy Buttons, now available in convenient 0.05oz packs. These tiny candies are not just a treat; they're a fiery adventure for your taste buds, delivering an intense and unforgettable taste experience.

Fire Candy Buttons are small but mighty, packing a punch of spicy and sweet flavor that will leave your mouth tingling with excitement. With each tiny button, you'll experience a symphony of heat and sweetness that's perfect for thrill-seekers and spice enthusiasts.

Imagine popping one of these fiery buttons into your mouth, feeling the heat build and then giving way to a wave of sweet relief. They're perfect for carrying in your pocket, sharing with friends who can handle the heat, or enjoying as a unique and memorable treat.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, corn starch, gelatin, capsaicin, artificial colors, (FD&C red 40, yellow 5 & yellow 6), natural and artificial flavors.