Brooklyn Delhi Cashew Butter Masala 340g

$15.99 AUD

Pure cashew butter combined with luscious coconut cream, with slow-cooked tomatoes, garlic, ginger and sweet paprika to create a lighter, vegan version of the recipe that's as satisfying as the original.

Directions: Add 1 jar of our Cashew Butter Masala sauce to 1 lb sautéed chicken, tofu, paneer or veggies.  Add 1/2 cup coconut milk or cream for a richer sauce.  Simmer until heated through. Serve with a dollop of plain yogurt and Brooklyn Delhi achaar (optional) over rice or with naan.

Ingredients: water, organic coconut cream, tomato paste, onions, non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil, garlic, ginger, lemon juice, non-GMO cashew butter, spices (including paprika and turmeric), tamarind, brown sugar, salt, fenugreek leaves.