Blues Hog Rodeo Rub Seasoning 4.5oz

$16.95 AUD

Saddle up for a flavor-packed journey with Blues Hog Rodeo Rub Seasoning, now available in a convenient 4.5oz jar. This is the seasoning that will have your taste buds galloping with excitement, delivering a rodeo of bold and savory flavors to your dishes.

Blues Hog Rodeo Rub Seasoning is a meticulously crafted blend of spices designed to infuse your meats and dishes with the authentic flavors of the rodeo. It's the perfect companion for grilling, smoking, or slow-cooking, ensuring every bite is a mouthwatering rodeo ride.

Imagine your meats coated with a rich blend of smoky paprika, garlic, and other premium spices, creating a mouthwatering crust that locks in the juiciness. This dry rub is your secret ingredient for achieving that perfect balance of savory and smoky with every cook.

INGREDIENTS: Spices, dehydrated onion, salt, turbinado sugar, yeast extract, soybean oil [SOY], dehydrated garlic, hydrolysed corn protein, caramel color, natural beef flavour, palm oil, modified food starch, rendered beef fat, not more than 2% calcium silicate (to prevent caking).