Barsmith Old Fashioned Syrup 12.7oz

$6.49 AUD

Barsmith’s Old Fashioned mix presents a distinctive melody of sweetness, cherry, citrus and bitters to create whiskey cocktails that are every bit as distinguished as the kind you savor at first-rate bars.

The bitters shine through in our Old Fashioned mix, and the orange and cherry flavors deliver notable accents without overpowering this concoction.

Formulating this nonalcoholic mix proved to be a tall challenge. We produced 50-plus versions of our Old Fashioned mix to get the ingredient balance just right. A key focus for us was on making our all-natural bitters shelf-stable.

Barsmith’s Old Fashioned mix will sing in your cocktails but won’t steal the show from the grand ensemble in your glass. Treat yourself and your guests right with outstanding cocktails using our exceptional Old Fashioned mix.


Water, pure cane sugar, honey, natural flavors, colored with vegetable juice, citric acid and caramel color.