Barsmith Dirty Martini Mix 12.7oz

$5.99 AUD

Containing freshly pressed olives, Barsmith’s Dirty Martini mix brings the perfect balance of flavor and smoothness to a classic cocktail with no added chemicals or colors.

The California sevillano olive is our signature ingredient that puts Barsmith’s Dirty Martini mix ahead of the pack. This plump green olive boasts a delectable smooth, buttery and tart bite. Whereas competing products are too salty or have little to no olive flavor, our Dirty Martini mix was painstakingly formulated to be as delicious as what you’d order at a high-end craft bar.

We worked with California’s largest olive producer to bottle our olive brine unfiltered, giving a pure and rich saltiness that martini drinkers crave.

We also worked with some of the best bartenders in Austin, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee, our twin bases, for inspiration and pointers to give our customers the optimal flavor profile in our Dirty Martini mix. The result is a bar mix that has earned rave reviews from these bartenders and our customers.


Olive brine (water, salt, lactic acid, calcium chloride and vinegar).