BANGGG Bag Toss Game

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Official Bag Toss Game

BANGGG® is a Portable Bag Toss Game that packs up & carries like a suitcase.

It will easily fit into the boot of any car & makes a perfect travel companion.

BANGGG® is great for all occasions, ages & skill ranges.

BANGGG® Bag Toss Game includes:
2 x Plastic Moulded Playing Boards
2 x Rear Leg Sets
4 x Toss Bags (Red)
4 x Toss Bags (Blue)
1 x Distance Cord
1 x Board Strap
1 x Detailed Instruction Manual

Features Include:
Side locking clips (and Board Strap) allow the BANGGG® game to clasp together in suitcase style for easy carrying.
Dual pop out handles for easy carrying.
Dual score keepers on the legs on each game board.
Front & Back game board legs give BANGGG® the proper angle for playing.
Bag pockets store 8 bags neatly inside of the game.
Distance regulator cord for constant distance & game play.
ONLY weighs 10kg