Ass Kickin' Chile Lime Hot Salt 3.2oz

$8.00 AUD $9.99

ntroducing Ass Kickin' Chile Lime Hot Salt ? a 3.2-ounce bottle of sizzling goodness that adds a zesty kick to your favorite dishes! This flavor-packed hot salt is a tantalizing blend of fiery chilies and tangy lime, creating a seasoning that's not just hot but explosively flavorful.

Crafted for the spice enthusiast, Ass Kickin' Chile Lime Hot Salt is a versatile condiment that takes your culinary creations to the next level. Whether sprinkled on grilled meats, fresh fruits, or snacks, its bold combination of heat and citrusy goodness adds an unforgettable twist to every bite.

Compact yet powerful, this hot salt is the perfect companion for those who seek to enhance their meals with a fiery and zesty flair. Keep it on hand to transform ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary delights.

INGREDIENTS: Salt, Sugar, Chili Powder, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Silicon Dioxide added to prevent caking, Garlic, Lime, and Spices