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So, is everything as American as Apple Pie? Phil sets the agenda with pie types, pie crusts and pie toppings. Barbara explains coffin pastry and makes a Depression Pie for Phil to try. 

Don't want to give all the flavours away here, suffice to say 20 different types on the menu. We cover savoury, fruit, traditional, mince, easy and breakfast pies. We even throw in a few oddball regional types.  

Nat Nosh has a couple of interesting side stories and, can you believe it, December 3 is National Apple Pie day!

Baked in goodness.

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We'll cover topics such as...

-Hometown cooking from state to state

-The juiciest BBQ you've ever had  

-Why junior mints are so popular  

-Pop vs Soda 

-Americans you may have heard of before  

-Your food questions and so much more 

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