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The US has about 4% of the global population but accounts for about 27% of the global fizzy drink market. So, you know there's more going on than just Coke versus Pepsi.

We get to the bottom of all these mysteries...
How where you live determines what you call it.
What is Cocola.
Why is pop sold at pharmacies.
What came first - Coke, Pepsi or Dr Pepper.
Which one of these flavours is not real... Tree Bark, Green Pea or Maple Syrup.
What two popular drinks were once called WACO and BRAD's.
Can an old seltzer bottle be broken when dropped from a height.
What was the accident that made soft drinks even possible.
Is there such a drink called Coke-7up.
What is different about Coke with a yellow screw cap.
Why some customers cry when they see the soda line-up at USAFoods.
How long has this seltzer thing been going on.
What was the drink endorsed by the American Werewolf in London.


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