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Preparing for Thanksgiving? Don't worry - Gdayall Podcast has got your back!

Follow the links below to check out each recipe!

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This episode is your reminder. In Phil's case, sticky note reminders... everywhere... that Thanksgiving is on the way. It's a big cook and we thought 2+ weeks noticed a few tips might be helpful. 

We bring former Buffalo and Californian resident, David Terpin into the mix for additional info. Amongst the stories and trivia we discuss Seasoning, Corn Bread, Side dishes, Vegetables, Pies, Salads and of course turkeys. Shared recipes can be found at

Amongst the side stories are some facts about TV dinners and a big day of drinking. The Nat Nosh segment is full of variety this week. 

Warning: Episode 11 will also be Thanksgiving themed, but that one will be full of memories and traditions. This is the ready, set, cook episode.