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Right off the top we have to ask... did Baskin Robbins do 32 or 7 flavours? 

Today's Episode is brought to you by cows. Thank you cows. And it sounds like we should give thanks to the Chinese as the inventors of ice cream. Follow the journey to America. 

We discover some perculiar flavours including 'Liver dye'! Kinda makes sense. A great story about how the waffle cone saved the US from disease. And ex-pats, do you remember Good Humour ice cream vans and carts?

While milkshakes are considered wholesome and youthful, they started put as alcoholic drinks. I think we all know the story of Ray Kroc and why are milkshakes so profitable? We go back to a time when milkshakes had a language of their own and tell you what's in a $200 shake!

Some really interesting stuff from a past era. 

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May 05, 2021 — Phil Bertino