Like just about everything, the Americans have developed their own version. Cake is no different. Find out what is the single substitute ingredient that delivers the unique flavour. 

It also goes without saying that we could not do an episode on cakes with having Penny Bunz as our guest. Penny's the wizard behind Cleopatra Cakes and was our Episode 5 guest. Penny gives us a cake makers insight as we dive into the top 10 (+2) list of American favourites.

Along the way we talk about the single 'guilt free' ingredient that launched the success of packet mix. Other questions pondered and answered are; Why might you sleep with a piece of cake under your pillow? What are some of the differences in American cakes? What exactly is a muffin? What are quick breads? Types of lunchbox treats and what did Jerry use to bribe Newman?

Also, if you'd like a laugh, where to go to see some unsuccessful cake creations. Included as always,  is feedback, Nat Nosh and Phil's own insights and observations. 

February 24, 2021 — Phil Bertino