This is not a show about McDonalds (even though it's the teaser content).

You can not have been to America without experiencing a local burger of some sort . Maybe you have a favourite or two. While you might think they're all here in Australia already, that is not the case. 

The focus of todays podcast is to look at how it all came about. There was an incredible period of innovation and individualisation for some companies. It all started about 100 years ago. 

We discover what makes a good burger, hamburger helpers and THE celebrity favourite. Phil then tells you how to make an East Coast legend and Barbara gives specific instructions for making a West Coast special.

Ahhh Hamburgers... makes me think of one of my favourite songs, "I make hamburgers" by Australian band The Whitlams.
May 26, 2021 — Phil Bertino
Tags: Hamburgers