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We accept bitcoin!

Why Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a digital currency that brings power and control to the individual. It operates independently of political influences, offering a secure and instant means of sending money.

How does Bitcoin work?
For a detailed explanation of Bitcoin, visit the Bitcoin Q&A website: Click here

How to get Bitcoin?
You can acquire Bitcoin through exchanges, wallet services, and in-person at select merchants. Wallet of Satoshi is a popular Australian-made custodial wallet service available on iOS and Android.

In-Store Bitcoin Payments:
At our Moorabbin store, ask to pay with Bitcoin. Simply use your mobile wallet to scan the QR code at checkout. Instant Payments are also possible through the Lightning Network with low fees.

Online Bitcoin Payments:
At checkout, select the "Bitcoin with BTCPay Server" payment option. Follow the prompts to complete the payment with your preferred wallet. Please note, online orders require one confirmation (~10 minutes) before being processed.

We do not support Instant Payments (Lightning) for online orders.

Other Cryptocurrency Acceptance:
No, we only accept Bitcoin.

Transaction Fees:
There is a fee for each payment, paid to the Bitcoin network. This fee acts as a tip to validate your transaction and ensure it is processed quickly. Instant payment fees (Lightning Network) are usually very low.

What are Instant Payments?
Instant payments (Lightning Network) is a network built on top of the Bitcoin protocol that allows for instant payment processing. It is still experimental but rapidly advancing.

Need Help with Bitcoin?
If you need assistance with your Bitcoin payment, visit our guide to learn more. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us via the chatbox.

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