Maybe it's the season, but Barbara and Phil seemed to have plenty to laugh about this week.

Rattling off summer traditions from both the US and Oz and recounting stories of their youth along the way. When they do get to food discussions, it's about the greatest summer foods and easy dinners. Some great ideas and plenty to look forward to.

Then, we countdown from 10 the best summer foods in America to travel to. This list is peak indulgence. It's a list for anybody who has done it all. It's like a "dharling, you absolutely must taste the Strawberry Chicken Salad at Arcadia Farms... it's so scrummy. Do it before you die!" list.

The dudes wrap up with the best thing they tasted in 2021 and Barbara sneaks in a late amendment. We still found time for a product review and recipe round up, but Phil does break the rules.

Barbara signs off with a strong point as Clark W Griswold, and that's it. 

Merry Christmas all. Thanks for dropping in for a listen and laugh.

December 22, 2021 — Anna Purtill