This episode should be a lovely walk through our various childhoods. Even though we start back in 1847, we will eventually get to your decade. Of course if you are younger than 30 then you are not going to qualify for retro anyway.

Before we started recording, we raided the shop and laid out in chronological order a heap of product. Throughout the pod Phil and Barbara grab the occasional packet and reminisce.  

As discussed in other episodes, the 1920's was an amazing decade of innovation and candy was a part of that incredible growth. As expected there are have been some candy casualties but there will be a lot of familiar names.

Some questions answered along the way are, what does Necco stand for, what candy wrapper did Salvador Dali create and what is the oldest candy still in production.

Another fun episode summed up beautifully by the sign-off thanks to Ryan Gosling. 
July 21, 2021 — Phil Bertino
Tags: Candy