While researching this podcast it was discovered that the Canadians first patented peanut paste in 1884. Spoiler alert... Phil and Barbara don't care. As far as they are concerned, because it was called paste it didn't qualify.

Enough history... but wait, there's more! An enterprising bloke call Lee Zalben with a penchant for wacky PB flavours absolutely 'nutted it' with a PB only restaurant in The Village. We go waaaaaay back to 1998 when this whole thing started. BTW, it's now over (well sort of). 

Good ol' Lee and his Peanut Butter & Co. Would it surprise you to know that Phil has been to the restaurant? Our crew line up six of his best flavours and taste test and mash up a few flavours. We check out the menu and the cook book and a couple of recipes. 

Oh... we've also messed around with the format so a few new bits and pieces are revealed as we go.

And finally, while trying to find the YouTube link to Kramer talking to Jerry about a PB restaurant, I found something even better... watch here


January 26, 2022 — Anna Purtill