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The Greeks. The Romans. Otzi the Iceman. Bill Bowerman and TJ (The 2nd President of the USA) all had their hooks into either Waffles or Pancakes. That's right people, these 'breakfast' favourites go waaaay back.

In this episode we'll cover the first commercial version. The various names they've had over the years. What's the difference between Waffle House and IHOP. When the waffle iron was first patented. Why are they called Belgian Waffles when they were introduced in Brussels. BTW, it's got nothing to do with Sprouts.

Find out all the toppings that Phil dislikes and then we look at the ledger of pluses versus minuses. 

Finally, our signoff leads to one of the weakest links to one of the best SNL sketches ever. Listen very carefully to Barbara's line about "parents basements".

April 23, 2021 — Phil Bertino