This week we tip toe over the border to Vancouver, Canada. It's 51 episodes since our last guest and this week we are joined by Dina Charpentier. Dina and her husband teleport between Australia and Canada as they chase the sun. She drops into the studio and leads the conversation while Phil recalls some of the places visited when he travelled to Canada on an ice hockey trip with Dina's husband.

We learn more about the British influence in Canada as Dina walks us through some of her experiences, missed favourites and her memories of residing in Texas. Laugh as the French influence on Canadian cuisine throws up a couple of tongue twisters.

Just in case we missed anything, we work our way through the 17 Traditional Canadian foods you need to experience. This episode is rounded out with our Ripper Recipe, Personal Best Product Review and Knowledge Nuggets.

February 16, 2022 — Anna Purtill