This is THE customer edition.

If you were part of the In-Store celebration on Saturday 26 June and we spoke to you... then YOU ARE featured in this podcast.

For our 4th July celebration we took the pod to the people. We caught up with all the locals and then heard about family and friends and origins from;
Chicago, Minnesota, Baltimore, Texas, Philadelphia, El Salvador, New York, Mexico, Cleveland, Toronto, California and Denver.

We have an extended chat with Texan Paul Walcutt, from a Dingo ate my Taco. Sweet Jesus... you've never had a taco like these. James from Red Roo Sports tells us about the great basketball scholarship system he's running.

And then, back to our own USAFoods family. The girls and boys drop past for a quick chat about what they're doing to generate such a great in store vibe.

Thanks everyone for dropping by and saying Gdayall. 
Happy 4th.
June 30, 2021 — Phil Bertino