Life's hardest choice comes down to the decision between Ridges, Thins or Kettle... then you have to pick a flavour.

The potato chip was declared an essential food in WWII as protestors overturned its rationing. Have you ever tasted 'Jail Chips'? When it comes to history, a woman called Laura Scudder needs to be acknowledged for a number of innovations. Place your bets - is a Pringle a chip or not?

We list all the crazy flavours and damn, we like the sound of the 'Builders Breakfast'.  Have you had the crushed chip sandwich?  Did you know there is a particular fictional brand that appears in TV shows and movies... it even had an advertisement made about them. 

Munch, munch, munch, crunch, crunch, crunch. 
March 20, 2021 — Phil Bertino