The glorious donut (or doughnut). It has two special days in June (4th & 8th) and we need to celebrate it. Donuts in the US are mostly the ringed variety with flavour, not the 'freak' types we now have in Oz. 

We unveil its origins and also discover how it has come to symbolise opportunity for a particular nations' people. They may have once ben called 'Olykoeks', but how do you pronounce that word? 

We get the true ranking of the top five donuts in America as ranked by US Cops.  Barbara tells us where you can get a 'Bakers 14'. Then, and as expected by our connoisseur hosts, we dive into the different types, not flavours, types of donuts.

Finally, how could Los Angeles be the donut epicentre of America without the round little delights being a central figure in pop culture.

As you ramble on through life brother, 
whatever be your goal,
keep your eye upon the donut,
and not upon the hole.
June 02, 2021 — Phil Bertino