And this weeks winner for contribution to American Food culture goes to... (drum roll)...
The Scandinavians. That's right, those fair skinned beauties started the whole damn thing with sweet breads. 

European influence is strong the week which allows me to type words like 'streusel' and 'kaffeeklatsch' and 'kugelhopf'.  Where was I? There is a square up between Cake v Coffee Cake v Crumb Cake. 

Later in the pod we get to Coffee Cake Cornucopia where we work our way through 17 different types and then shift to a few commercial types. For good measure Barbara gives us an old fashioned Betty Crocker recipe as well as 5 minute prep, 1 minute cook made in a mug special.

Lots of interesting info and laughs along the way. 

Dedicated to Herman.
August 30, 2021 — Phil Bertino