Christmas... a bit  over 3 weeks away... and you are struggling for gift ideas. We wanted to help you deliver a special, personalised gift that shows you are thoughtful and care.

This week we have over 20 themes that you could use as gift centre pieces. Grab a gift box or basket or some other appropriate receptacle and listen up. Beyond some of the obvious ones, we discuss Breakfast (fun and serious), Barbecue, Pickles, Groceries, Cocktails, Rubs and Spices. Nothing too difficult about this one, just a little inspiration for a great way to be remembered. 

It's also Phil's turn to do a product review and the Ripper Recipe Roundup are a couple of all-time favourites.

It's December... time to break out Christmas Vacation. "The podcast is full"
December 01, 2021 — Anna Purtill