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Wolf Brand Chili Hot Dog Sauce 10oz



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Wolf Brand Chili Hot Dog Sauce is made with a unique blend of spices for the ultimate thick, steaming, wildly delicious hot dog topping!

  • One 10 oz. can of Wolf Brand Hot Dog Sauce
  • Thick, steaming, wildly delicious hot dog topping
  • Unique blend of spices
  • Perfect topping for any hot dog
  • Authentic Texas recipe
  • For a chili dog like no other
  • 350 calories per serving


Ingredients: Beef Broth, Water, Ground Prepared Pinto Beans (Pinto Beans, Water), Whole Rolled Oats, Modified Corn Starch, Chili Pepper, Rendered Beef Fat (Contains BHT as an Antioxidant), Contains less than 2% of: Salt, Caramel Color, Sugar, Garlic Powder, Soy Lecithin, Spices, Natural Flavors. CONTAINS: SOY.


Instructions: Stove top: Empty contents into saucepan. Heat over medium heat until hot, stirring occasionally.Microwave: Empty contents into microwave-safe container. Cover. Microwave on high 1 minute 30 seconds or until hot. Let stand in microwave for 1 minute. Stir before serving. As all microwave ovens vary, time given is approximate.

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