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Re-Usable Red Cups



All reusable red cups are not created equal! Quality matters. First off...our cups aren't the single-use flimsy plastic.  They are solid plastic you can use again and again. All of our cups are made from two molds making them incredibly durable and long lasting. Not only do we use dense high-quality ABS plastic but we also make sure they are free of toxic chemicals like BPA and Phthalates. We hope you use our cups in good times and good health! 

All our cups are:

  • Super high quality, solid double-walled ABS plastic  
  • Non-toxic and do not have BPAs or Phthalates that are hidden in a lot of plastics (these chemicals are horrible for your health - please make sure they aren't in any plastics you use)!
  • Dishwasher safe - use them again and again
  • We are committed to quality and we stand behind all our products

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