Jack Daniel's Tennessee Style Jalapeno Chilli BBQ Sauce 280g

$8.99 AUD

The Jack Daniel’s name is synonymous with good times! Add a shot of Jack Daniel’s to a range of barbecue sauces and you’ve got the makings of a spectacular occasion! Jack Daniel’s are licensed BBQ sauces made with the time-honoured Whiskey brand that fans have known and loved since 1866. 

Jack Daniel’s Jalapeno Chilli BBQ Sauce Ramp up the heat! 

Jack Daniel’s Jalapeno Chilli BBQ Sauce has what it takes to get the tastebuds good and fiery. Best to start slow then build on it to arrive at the optimal heat factor. The vibrant orange colour is the first clue so go easy and savour the sensations. Awesome with sausages and pork and definitely try it on barbecued prawns! 

Made in Australia