Harney & Sons Decaf Hot Cinnamon Vintage Tin 20ct

$19.99 AUD

These beautiful vintage tins contain 20 unwrapped pyramid silken sachets of the Harney Teas modern blends. These unique and uncommon teas are sure to impress your guests!

We've had numerous requests for a decaffeinated version of our Hot Cinnamon Sunset, and we are happy to say it is now available! Same assertive flavour, only decaf!

This tea is decaffeinated using the CO2 method. The CO2 process developed in Germany as a natural alternative the the methylene chloride process that has become the industry standard. The tea is circulated with the cardon dioxide and caffeine-free tea is the result. No unpleasant tastes or traces of the solvent remain in the tea.
The smaller leaves are a normal result of this special decaffeination process.
The CO2 used in the extraction process is completely harmless.