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Charms Super Blow Pop Candy Corn


Brand Charms

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It’s autumn: time again for that orange, yellow, and white seasonal staple. You know the one… what’s Halloween without candy corn?!

But before you get too excited, let’s face facts for a second. Do you actually have the time to continually return to that candy bowl on the table and scoop up handfuls of the delicious chewy treat? Do you even have hands to spare to hold all the candy corn you’re going to desire to consume?

You don’t. You’re going to be very busy preparing your Halloween costume, decorating the house, passing out candy, dodging ghosts and ghouls, and cleaning up after black cats. You’ll have one hand to spare at most. So go ahead and fill that hand with a lollipop! You owe that to yourself after all the hard work you put into your Halloween plans.

A bit less corny than your average candy corn and far less corny than your dad’s bad Halloween puns, these round lollipops feature the classic colors and flavor of the original candy, only as a delicious, lickable hard candy on a stick! So free up your hands and celebrate the holiday with the sweetest fall sucker there is!

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