Tootsie Pops Mini 200ct

$27.99 AUD
By Tootsie

America's favorite lollipop in an adorable miniature size!! Enjoy the same great Tootsie Pop look and taste in a scaled-down version with Tootsie Pops Minis, a favorite party and economical giveaway item for any occasion. Tootsie Pops Minis start with a chewy, Tootsie Roll center and cover it with a tasty, hard candy coating for a simple, delicious treat. 18 flavors to satisfy everyone's taste! A Tootsie original that was the first lollipop providing an embedded candy “prize.” Tootsie Pops are known and loved by adults and kids around the world, and Tootsie Pops Minis are the perfect candy for kids of any age. Packed in a convenient resealable bag, they are a pantry staple that ensures you always have plenty of tasty treats on-hand. Tootsie Pops Minis are great for every snacking need: family treats, pinata fillers, teacher's incentives, or trusted giveaways at church or office.