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Kit Kat Duos Mint & Dark Chocolate 3oz


Brand Kit Kat

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Made with Mint crème and rich dark chocolate, Kit Kat Duos mint + Dark Chocolate Candy Bar puts a refreshing and colorful spin on the iconic Kit Kat taste. This delectable bar merges layers of crispy wafers with the Classic flavor combination of refreshing mint and tangy dark chocolate, delivering a flavor sensation that feels simultaneously new and timeless with every bite. Each distinctively green and brown Kit Kat duo bar comes individually wrapped and is easy to break apart to share with family and friends. Try Kit Kat Wafer Bars in a wide range of flavors and sizes.

  • Mint and dark chocolate-flavored Kit Kat duos put a new spin on the classic Kit Kat flavor
  • Crispy treat combines layers of Wafer with a mint crème and dark chocolate coating
  • Fun and colorful half-green/ half-chocolate brown candy bars
  • Individually wrapped and easily breakable for sharing
Ingredients:  Sugar; Vegetable Oil [Palm Oil; Shea Oil; Sunflower Oil; Palm Kernel Oil; and/or Safflower Oil]; Wheat Flour; Chocolate; Skim Milk; Corn Syrup Solids Cocoa Butter; Lactose (Milk); Contains 2% or Less of: Cocoa Processed with Alkali; Milk Fat; Lecithin (Soy); Oil of Peppermint; PGPR; Artificial Color [Yellow 5 Lake; Blue 1 Lake]; Salt; Yeast; Vanillin, Artificial Flavor; Baking Soda.

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