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Swiffer Wet Jet Pad Refills


Brand Swiffer

Swiffer Wet-Jet Extra Power Cleaning Pad Refills come in a 10-count package. Use them to trap and lock away dirt in its core, cleaning and absorbing messes along the way. They allow for easy cleanup. Just remove the pad with the stuck on debris and throw it in the trash. These absorbent pads are also ideal for soaking up all kinds of liquids effectively. Use them in a home or office setting on hardwoods, laminates, ceramic tiles and various other finished surfaces. These Swiffer pad refills are a smart choice for parents to keep debris away from little hands efficiently. 

Swiffer Wet Jet-Extra Power Cleaning Pad Refills:

  • Extra power pad traps and locks tough dirt and grime
  • Tough spot scrubbing strip removes grease, grime and dried-on messes
  • Traps and locks dirt so it does not get pushed and scattered around
  • Disposable for easy cleanup after use
  • Conveniently sized 10-pack of Swiffer pad refills
  • Simple to replace
  • Grabs and holds hair well, making it an ideal choice for pet owners


Instructions: Use only with Swiffer WetJet Solution. Do not flush the disposable pads.

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