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USAFoods now accepts Bitcoin as Payment!

As a part of our Re-Launch, USAFoods now accepts Bitcoin as payment online and in-store!

Why Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a Peer to Peer communications protocol that enables us to transact without the need for a third party. When you pay us in Bitcoin you will transact with us directly. Bitcoin is very similar to sending an email.

How can I Use Bitcoin? 
You can set up a Bitcoin wallet in less than 3 minutes on your phone. You don't require any personal information!

Download one of our favourite mobile apps
Samourai Wallet
Electrum Wallet
BRD Wallet

You will write down a set of words in order when setting up your wallet. Keep these words safe as it is your key to accessing your Bitcoin. If you are storing a significant amount of Bitcoin it is advised to purchase a hardware wallet. Treat Bitcoin on your phone like cash in your wallet.

Obtain Bitcoin
Once you have your wallet set up you will then have to fill it with Bitcoin. This part is up to you. Your app will give you an address to which you can request bitcoin. You can get them from a friend, buy them from an exchange, or exchange your services for payment in bitcoin. 

Send Bitcoin to Friends & Family in the USA
Now that you have obtained Bitcoin, you can send it to your friends and family anywhere in the world! All they need is a Bitcoin Address and you can send them money no matter where they are.

Send your friends and family your Bitcoin Address to receive money so you can purchase and experience their favourite American food right here in Australia!

Need Help?
Drop us a line in the chatbox! We'll assist you with any Bitcoin questions you may have.

August 15, 2019 — Phil Bertino