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USAFoods Best By Date Guarantee

USAFoods will guarantee that you will receive your products with at least 7 days before the best by date listed on the product.

This guarantee excludes naturally short dated products such as:
- Diet and Sugar Free Products (1 Month Date after Landing)
- Hostess, Little Debbies and other Bakery Snacks (1 Week Date after Landing)
- US Domestic Snacks such as Chips, Pretzels & Puffs. (1 Month Date after Landing)
- Products on Sale or Clearance.

Items that are past their best by dates are still great and delicious. USAFoods will never sell you products that are unfit for consumption.

USAFoods wants to remind you to not waste food.

You can also browse our Past Best By date collections in our store for great deals on past best by products! Visit us in Melbourne or Sydney today to snap up a bargain!

In the event that you do receive an item that is past its best by date and is not in the exclusions above, please send us your Order Number and a photo of the product to or through the live chat on our website.

September 17, 2019 — Phil Bertino