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Donate bitcoin to help us provide masks for all!

We're showcasing the power of Bitcoin for good causes!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, USAFoods took action and closed our store for the safety of the community before lockdown announcements. As Victoria's cases are peaking once again, we must take action, but we cannot do this alone.

Share the address bc1qq9pla2lhc633hjdeh9f9z7u4tpay54luth7fpf with anyone in the world and we will use 100% of donations to purchase and give away free masks. 

This is why we are providing free masks to anyone. Our goal is to have an abundance of masks to provide to everyone even if you don't shop with us.

If you have your own mask, please consider wearing it when shopping with us.

Wearing a mask is a crucial tool to help slow the spread of COVID and has proven to be effective, especially in countries where they are quickly adopted like South Korea. We want all Victorians to have no excuse when it comes to a simple face cover. 

You must wear a mask when shopping in our store.

Send bitcoin to bc1qq9pla2lhc633hjdeh9f9z7u4tpay54luth7fpf to help us provide masks to all!

Masks will be available at USAFoods Moorabbin - You do NOT need to make a purchase to take one. Please be considerate and take one or more for your or other's safety. Staff may limit them if stock is low.

Click Here to view all donations to the address.

Don't have any bitcoin?

Get some! 

Bitcoin is a peer to peer network protocol similar to email that uses math as security.

There is no requirement to use bitcoin. All you need is a phone a pen and paper to be eligible to receive your first (fraction of a) bitcoin and then you can donate some to help us provide masks for all! Simply scan the QR code of the address above and send.

You can also spend your bitcoin at USAFoods.

Check out our handy guide to get started here >> 

July 11, 2020 — Phil Bertino